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The owner of this website is:

Cartiera F. Amatruda S.a.s. di Amatruda Antonietta & C.
Via delle cartiere, 100
84011 – Amalfi – Italia

Telephone number +39 089 871 315
Fax number +39 089 830 4233
Tax ID: 03690480656

Opening hours :
Monday – Friday
UTC+1 (8:00 – 12:30 / 15:00 – 17:00)

How to place an order: All products sold on line from our shop are grouped in categories. In order to help make your choice easier these categories can be seen on the home page in the side menu or upon the catalogues (you can purchase them on the website). You can also use our site’s search engine to find easily the product of your interest. Each product is represented by a high quality picture, a brief description and the sale price (VAT not included). By clicking on “add to your cart” the selected product will be added to your sale cart which is updated after each change.

Catalogues: You can purchase our catalogues on our website. If it’s the first purchase, their cost (shipping cost excluded) will be discounted on your first order (click here to see the dedicated area) through a “COUPON CODE” that we’ll give you by email after the shipment. (Note: you can have this promotion only for one catalogue of each category). Any future request will be paid regularly.

Shipments and delivery: We ship our products using our logistic partner named “Mail Boxes Etc.” (they use all the main courier companies, such as TNT/ Fedex / DHL/ UPS) which allows us to deliver our products in good conditions in a short amount of time. The orders will normally be prepared and sent within 1-7 days, according to the product availability. Any changes due to lates will be comunicated through the email address associated to your registered account.The delivery time is of 2/5 days in Europe, US and Canada, while of 5/7 days in the rest of the world. Shipping costs vary according to the weight of the product you have chosen, the country of destination, the type of delivery (air, road etc.). Delivery costs appear automatically on your screen when you make a purchase. Confirming the order and accepting the present sales conditions, the customer gives the authorization to the company to use the courier in place of him for the shipment of the order. So the company is responsible only until the moment when the order is collected by the courier with the creation of a label and a tracking number. The goods travel at risk and peril of the customer and the company cannot be guilty for any issue eventually occurred in the delivery by the courier. After three days of arrival at destination, it is not accepted any complaints.

Product availability: Due to the workmanship and uniqueness of our products it is possible that some products are not always immediately available. In this case you will be contacted by our customer services so that you can decide to be sent the items that are available (with a partial refund) or to cancel the whole order.

Tracking your order: Once you have been sent an e-mail to confirm your order has been “completed”, you can track it on line. This feature is offered in collaboration with the courier company that delivers our products. After the order is on “completed” status, the customer will be notified with the tracking number referred to a specific courier within 12 hours. The provided tracking number will work generally within 1 day after the collection of the parcel by the courier. The customer service tracks every shipment and in the case of a delay we suggest to contact directly the customer service of the courier (TNT , UPS or DHL ..) in the country of destination for further informations or help. This will be more helpful to solve any issue in the fastest way.

Discount policy: As wholesaler/reseller our b2b customers can take advantage of a special price list. “Business base” profile is the default price list assigned to the new customers up to € 5000,00 of products purchased. Further discounts are possible at reaching certain annual sales targets(shipping cost and taxes excluded), so as follows:

Category Sales Target Discount (%)
Business D From € 5000 to € 10001 Base price list – 15,0%
Business C From € 10001 to € 30000 Base price list – 23,0%
Business B From € 30001 to € 50000 Base price list – 30,0%
Business A From € 50001 and then… Base price list – 38,0%
Please note: The discount is automatically applied at reaching of the annual sales target and it’s valid for one year from last order.

Priority order management: All our b2b customers will have absolute priority on their orders.

Payment: The amount payable will come up on your screen once you have confirmed your order by clicking on the button “order “. Method of payment available:

  1. Paypal system (accepting also credit card VISA, CARTASI, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS,DINERS)
  2. Wire transfer in advance (accepted exclusively in Euro)
  3. Cash on delivery (only available for EU and some neighboring countries);
  4. Through the virtual POS system “XPay” by the Cartasì circuit you can pay by credit / prepaid card quickly and easily from anywhere in the world, using all the international circuits.

The prices of our products are in euro (€) and the amount debited from your account will be in euro whichever country you are buying from and whatever the currency your account is in. In order to receive an invoice you must fill in the field “tax ID” with a valid tax id number. If necessary you can check or change your tax ID number in “your personal data” section. For any information do not hesitate to contact us at

Security: All of our transactions are made through servers protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Your credit card details will be processed by an external company, who acts as a payment gateway and guarantees maximum security when dealing with your details. Our company has no access whatsoever to these details and cannot be held responsible for their use. In case a valid card is refused we advise you to repeat the entire procedure and to ensure that you have entered all details correctly. If you continue to have problems contact your card company. To receive help directly from us contact our help desk at

Delivery: We deliver our products abroad by “Poste Italiane – Export Box” (SDA) or Mail Boxes Etc. (using Fedex / DHL) which allows us to deliver our products in perfect conditions in a short amount of time. Your order would normally be sent within 7 days. It will then be delivered within 3/5 days in Europe and 5/7 days in the rest of the world.
Delivery costs vary according to the weight of the product you have chosen, the country of destination, the type of delivery (air, road etc.). Delivery costs appear automatically on your screen when you make a purchase.

Briefing about the use of your personal data (pursuant to law 31.12.96 no. 675 of the Italian Civil Code): We inform you that the data collected will be used pursuant to and in compliance with what is set out by law 675/96 of the Italian Civil Code (Protection of people and other subjects regarding the use of personal data) and will be handled with automated and manual tools in order to guarantee security and confidentiality. The data collected will only be transmitted to subjects to whom the transfer of this data is necessary, practical and instrumental for the purchase operation to be completed. The data collected will not be subject to widespread transmission on the part of “Cartiera F. Amatruda S.a.s.”. Concerning the use mentioned above, rights may be exerted according to article 13 of the law in question. The “User” pursuant to law 675/96 is “Cartiera F. Amatruda S.a.s.”

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